Robotized station for welding fixed and adjustable steel door frames.

We developed and implemented a universal station for welding steel door frames with accessories for the POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o. company, a leading manufacturer of wooden doors and windows. The main assumptions of application were:

  • dimensions of the parts vary from 300mm to 2500mm wide,
  • high variability of accessories in door frames,
  • the possibility of producing two different parts at the same time,
  • fixtures formatted without necessity to exchange the fixtures basis when changing the workpiece,
  • thicknesses of welded elements from 1,2mm to 1,5mm.

The main part of our design was to develop adjusted and electronically controlled formatting elements as the bases of all welding fixtures. The next stage was the assembly of these bases on moving trolleys, ensuring the ability to handle two different workpieces inside one welding cell. Handling  a wide range of accessories used in various types of door frames was carried out by means of auxiliary fixtures, using mechanical and magnetic fixings. The layout of the station allows for work with one fixture and carrying out welding processes, while the other one can be equipped for the next group of different parts.

Two KUKA KR6 R1820 Arc HW welding robots with KR C4 Compact controllers are operated along with welding programs by the HMI panel. The HMI panel provide also communication with the operators of the station, collect information from both robots, Siemens S7-1200 PLC, fumes extractor system and two KEMPPI A7 welding sources. Welding station is protected with a welding safety fence and operators’ work areas are supervised by KEYENCE optical safety scanners.

Robotic welding cell was one of the elements of a completely new production line for steel door frames. Improvement of processes such as parts preparation and dedicated welding fixtures allows to carry out the stable production of high variability parts. The PLC based control system allows to add new models to production, based on previously developed welding programs. By usage of a robotized welding cell door frames manufacturing was possible using basic human resources to operate the station.

POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o.