A robotized station for arc welding of automotive seats frames.

Welding processes robotization in the largest plant in Poland producing springs and spring tapes. To automate the production of welded parts, we made a welding cell with a K-type welding positioner and a KUKA CYBERTECH welding robot with an arm reach of 1820 mm.

Universal welding cell with 3-axis K-type welding positioner. The positioner has two working zones rotating around a horizontal axis in the range of +/-180°. The change of the working zone is carried out in the horizontal axis by means of a servo-gear unit. Such a system ensures very high positioning repeatability as well as the high dynamics of motion required for the automation of welding processes. The positioner axes are connected to the robot controller, which ensures synchronization during rotation as well as during robotic welding.

The built-in safety system allows to guard the area, in which the staff changes part in welding fixtures. Due such design, it is possible to safely change workpieces, while a fully automatic welding process takes place on the other side.

We enclose the robot working zone with a full welding safety fence. Therefore, the operator is fully protected, also against flashes and spatter from the welding process, when he is working in the loading area. Optical safety curtains and electromagnetically locked service doors allow PLC controller to supervising both areas of the station. All locks as well as power supply cut-off elements were equipped with LOTO system.

The robotization of the welding process was implemented using:

  • KUKA CYBERTECH KR6 R1820 industrial robot,
  • K-type welding positioner, with a change of working zones relative to the horizontal axis and load capacity up to 500 kg of each side,
  • welding system with the Fronius TPSi 320 source with a push-pull system,
  • selected technological packages, primarily for short-circuit welding, Puls, LSC and CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding,
  • high-class auxiliary devices designed for welding robotization and automation,
  • full welding safety fence with optical safety barriers,
  • full safety welding fence, protecting against spatter and flashes,
  • integrated fumes extraction hood in the robot work zone.

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