We have good news for everyone who’s looking for simple robotic welding solution. Based on Cobot from Universal Robots and Fronius TPSi welder we have developed new station for Cobot welding. Our WeldBOX-CAW station is compact „ready to weld” solution for MIG/MAG arc welding.

Our station is based on UR10 Cobot and dedicated for automatic welding Fronius welding set. This solution is design for fast commissioning of welding processes. WeldBOX-CAW is dedicated for welding on standard manual welding tables or dedicate welding fixtures. Station is built as two modules first is a stand for Cobot, controller and a welding hose pack. Second is welding source with digital communication interfaces for control and programming. Design of our station make it scalable for different robots models and can be combined with different power welding sources. We can integrate manual welding sources with Cobot as a simple solution or chose digital controlled professional models for robotic welding.

One of the main advantages of Cobot welding application is fast teaching. We can program our robot by working directly with welding torch in “free drive” mode. We can teach robot new trajectories pulling torch on our seams. Built in force sensor can be used for collision detections. We can based the stand and fix it to the welding table or parts fixtures. Additional protective covers are protects body of robot made partial with plastic parts.

If you seeking for Cobot welding solution configured to meet your requirements, watch our promotional movie and feel free to contact with us directly by mail or contact form on our website.

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