Welding robotization in the Maczka Group, a manufacturer of modern solutions in the field of heating technology. From the very beginning, the company has been creating proprietary solutions for heating technology, in particular pellet burners. Recently, the production of heat pumps and DHW tanks made from stainless steel has been launched. To ensure the highest quality of the offered products, the company management decided to use modern technologies and focus on welding robotization. The WeldBOX-Flex welding cell was chosen for this task.

Our most versatile Flex welding cell allows you to automate welding of various details. The new technology with a movable partition and full formatted zones of welding positioners, starts new possibilities of using robotic welding cell. Key aspects of welding production were welding speed, quality and repeatability of the welds. Easy preparation of new details and quick programming of the robot and welder were also important.

This welding cell have two welding zones equipped with single-axis positioners and a linear track for a KUKA welding robot. Also TPSi welder an automatic cleaning station and a welding wire source are placed along with robot. A key feature of this cell is the possiblity to flexible formatting both welding zones. The positioners supports and the partition between the welding zones are mounted on the track and they can be set freely to adapt the work station to the welding production. Thanks to the positioners it is possible to weld with the use of a subframe or to hang details directly between supports, which enables the production of large-scale parts as well as small elements in fixtures.

The heart of the station is a KUKA Cybertech robot working with a welding installation based on the Fronius TPSi welding source. The Fronius welding set in the highest configuration with the CMT package opens lot of options for various welding. Welding parts from structural steel, with galvanic coatings, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel or aluminum – all these technologies are available. The automatic cleaning station with the wire cutting unit ensures that the technical parameters of the torch are maintained automatically.

The safety of operators and technical crew is ensured by a programmed safety controller with a set of optical curtains, safety scanners and interlocking devices along with emergency stop buttons.
In this case, the robotic station is used mainly for welding connections and shell, in the production of heat exchangers. The parts of the pellet burner are also welded by robot. The fixtures for the new parts of heating technology is being prepared. For current welding tasks, the full potential of the source is used and the welding speed exceeds 2m / min for Stainless Steel parts.

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