A line for spray painting with a robot for products of porcelite.

We made a robotized line for spray painting with a robot of products made of porcelite for the AVANT Porcelite Factory. The main technical challenges in the application were primarily:

  • the necessity of positioning a wide range of workpieces to paint,
  • the need to position the mug ear for the painting process,
  • painting in two version only the outer surface or only the inner surface,
  • the possibility of verifying workpieces before and after the painting process,
  • the requirement of quick colors changing and easy cleaning,
  • technological aspects of the spray painting process.

We integrated the Agilus series KUKA industrial robot into the application. Our engineers designed a customized rotary table for positioning workpieces with special subsystem to the position of the ear. The spray set with the automatic spay gun was selected after technological tests on the products test batch. Obviously, the painting set provides the ability of quick color changing and easy cleaning. On the other hand, the continuous paint mixing system ensures homogeneity of the mixture, which is important for the proper application of the final coating. Built-in stabilization of part rotation during painting allows for painting of a whole range of manufactured parts. Paint extraction with a cassette filter minimizes the influence of paint remains, sweeping the painted detail, on the internal components of the machine.

We designed the entire device taking into account the principles of ergonomics and work safety. We built up the process part with dedicated housing and also we equipped it with the necessary additional safety elements.

The automation of the process by means of painting with an industrial robot allowed to achieve repeatability in the production of workpieces. Apart from that, robotization of the process directly affects the quality and uniformity of the coating. In addition, the automation of the process allowed to determine efficiency factors for each of the painted workpieces, as well as to verify and optimize materials management.

AVANT Fabryka Porcelitu