Loading steel section to the ADIGE L9 COMBO laser cutter with an KUKA industrial robot.

We implemented the application of robotized loading of profiles to the laser cutter for the Polargos Sp. z o.o. company – the leading manufacturer of fencing systems. The main challenges of the application were:

  • size range of processed workpieces,
  • space limitations at the place of assembly,
  • the necessity of detection the seam on the profiles,
  • the need to orientate entire workpiece according to the position of the seam,
  • short time required to complete the application.

The developed solutions enabled us to fully implement the application assumptions and achieve the goals defined by the user.

KUKA KR150 R3300 Prime K robot with a payload of 150kg and a range of over three meters was located on a customized frame. Eventually, it allowed to place detail entry system to be located directly under the robot and fit in within the space requirements. Furthermore, the large range of the robot allows for collecting different workpieces from two independent drawers and pass them along to the laser cutter input.

We developed a seam detection system based on Cognex vision solutions and industrial camera. Moreover, we designed a customized head equipped with Schmalz magnetic grippers. As a result, it enabled work with profiles of the length from 3,75 to 6 m and dimensions in cross-section from 16 x 16 mm to 120 x 120 mm.

We enclose the whole station with a safety fence from Troax Polska Company and we equipped it with safety elements that are supervised by a programmable safety controller. The result is a safe, ergonomic and compact robotized application.

Automation of the laser cutter loading process using a robot resulted in stable and flexible production of parts. Two loading drawers also allow for short-series and special production. The elimination of the necessity to supervise the machine and manual loading of workpieces allowed the employees to be moved to other production processes and increased work safety within the laser cutter zone.

POLARGOS Sp. z o.o.